Businesses are evolving and becoming more and more demanding. Specialized software’s are required to remove the functional barriers and improve organizational efficiency. Many corporations are still using systems that serve their standalone needs and have a hard time in communication. This means that a lot of time is spent on validating data, entering data into multiple systems and gathering data from many different systems. Time spent on these kinds of mundane tasks could be spent on serving your company’s customers instead. Business Integration services give the ability to integrate the diverse data and information sources both within and outside your enterprise into a single coherent framework.

System integration enables communication between many independent systems and their processes. When we connect different systems and applications you get faster communication with a higher security in your internal and external processes. Flexible organizations, where cooperation and optimization for existing or new business areas are in focus, have already created and implemented software integration.

KAAMPAY SMC has abundance of experience and technical savoir faire in the integration of business software. Our consultants have a solid experience from short problem solving activities to large integration solutions, where we have implemented efficiency and structure in the integration environment. Our experience in system architecture is well suited for implementing an architecture that does not bog down the company but instead ensures that the company can enjoy an IT-architecture that delivers on the demands of the business.

In recent years, the company has enjoyed grand success in the integration of enterprise software.