Since inception we have been providing state of the art custom enterprise solutions to midsize to large organization. In developing custom applications, we see our role as partners, not merely programmers. We recognize that solutions succeed not solely for technical reasons, but because end-users and internal IT staff feel ownership. Our RAD model development capabilities offer significantly reduced development time and savings in developing & implementing custom ERP applications. In the last decade, a number of management philosophies have been developed in an attempt to define what companies must do to compete in the new global economy. Emphasis is now placed on the use of enterprise-wide information solutions to impact the decision processes of management. Organizations have rediscovered the basics, realizing that the most effective strategy is to organize their resources in order to achieve better performance. Today’s dynamic business requirements need dynamic information solutions. Generic software is not flexible enough to meet the diverse demands of each unique business. Considering all the aspects in mind we design cost effective tailor built, high performance software for organizations that need made to order, high-end customized solutions.

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We have developed flexible frameworks for such tailor built Enterprise application development and have
successfully implemented solutions for mid-size – large concerns in the following industry:
• Process Manufacturing implementation in : Pharma sector
• Retail and Distribution implementation in: Health Care sector
• Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution (MRD Solution) implementation in: Health Care sector
The custom built comprehensive ERP’s developed for our clients include a comprehensive range of services and integrated
• Customer Relationship Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Management Information Systems
• Sales Management Accounting and Financial Management
• Material Planning
• Quality Management
• Inventory Management
• Production Management
• BI / KPI Consoles